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APICS CPIM Online Education

In partnership with APICS, Fox Valley Technical College offers the APICS CPIM in an online, instructor-supported format. No waiting for a class to begin. Register and pay, begin right away! 24/7 course access. Participants are assigned to an APICS certified instructor who supports their learning activities during the course. This is the link to the Fox Valley Technical College website explaining this offering.


APICS CSCP Online Education

In partnership with APICS, Fox Valley Technical College offers the APICS CSCP in an online, instructor-supported format. Interactive learning community - learn and interact with supply chain peers. Classes are scheduled to support the APICS CSCP exam windows and dates for both computer-based (North America) and pencil/paper (Outside N. America) exam options.  24/7 course access. Participants are assigned to an APICS certified instructor who supports their learning activities during the course. This is the link to the Fox Valley Technical College website explaining this offering.


Distribution Requirements Planning (DRP) Online Education

Learn About:

Inventory replenishment strategies • Inventory management methods • Managing demand and forecasting techniques

This online offering is designed for professionals looking to improve distribution practices within global supply chains. FVTC has partnered with APICS to include their body of knowledge throughout this course.  Using diverse online educational delivery methods, participants will explore the following topics: introduction to distribution requirements planning; demand/forecasting; replenishment and effective inventory management techniques.

This is the link to the Fox Valley Technical College website explaining this offering.


Courses, Workshops and Seminars


SCOR ® - Professional Training and Certification Course

Date: October 22-24, 2018
Location: Near Boston, MA (location being finalized)
APICS Authorized SCOR Partner: CHAINovation LLC

This course will be led by Douglas Kent, Managing Partner of CHAINovation LLC who is a SCOR ®, Master Instructor with 20+ years of SCOR ® - based global supply chain diagnostic and transformation projects in 22 countries and counting!

The Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR) model is the world’s leading supply chain framework, and it just keeps getting better!

The SCOR ® model uniquely links business processes, performance metrics, practices and people skills into a unified structure. Companies that apply SCOR ® have the following documented benefits:

  • Average operating sales income improvement of 3%
  • Typical inventory turn improvements of 20%
  • 30% faster system implementations with 30% more functionality

Professional Training: What to Expect

During the SCOR ® 12.0 Professional Training, you will develop actionable steps to improve supply chain processes and management by learning from real-life examples and projects. 

Attend this session to learn the standardized language of supply chain and how to:

  • Use SCOR ® to identify and solve problems in your supply chain
  • Identify and support organizational learning goals
  • Improve supply chain efficiency from a process and cost perspective 
  • Organize a typical SCOR project
  • Implement well-defined and repeatable processes

Materials Received as Part of the Course

Participants receive a copy SCOR ®-P training materials which include:

  • Workshop Attendee workbook
  • SCOR ® v12.0 book or most recent version as applicable
  • Supply Chain Excellence book

SCOR-P Examination

All participants will also received one Authorization to Test (ATT) for the SCOR-P endorsement exam is included with the SCOR-P training registration purchase. Candidates must schedule and take their exam prior to the two-month expiration date of the ATT. Eligible candidates may purchase an additional SCOR-P retake exam for a fee.

For information on exam details and exam procedures, APICS recommends candidates review the SCOR-P exam details and APICS Exam Handbook.


We offer SCOR Professional Training to APICS members and nonmembers. APICS members receive significant price reductions for this training.

Non-member: $3,000 USD APICS members: $2,200 USD

Additional discounts may apply if you have 3+ persons from the same organization registering or if you prefer to organize an on-site, in-house workshop with multiple attendees from your team!

For registration or questions please contact Gail Rutkousky via email at gailr or by phone at +1-617-686-6286 to answer any additional questions or to reserve your space at this event!

APICS SCOR Professional Training FAQ’s

What is SCOR Professional Training?

SCOR Professional Training provides an in-depth understanding of the latest version of the Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR) model.

This training introduces attendees to the full scope and contents of the APICS SCOR framework. Attendees will learn the major process components of the framework (Plan, Make, Source, Deliver, Return, Enable) from a supply chain perspective. 

What is the time commitment for SCOR Professional Training?

All APICS SCOR Professional Training events are held for three days. They begin at 9:00am and end minimally at 5:00pm.  One hour is provided for lunch and breaks occur throughout the day.

How much does SCOR Professional Training cost?

Non-member: $3,000 USD

APICS members: $2,200 USD

 NOTE:  All travel, accommodation and food/beverage costs are solely the responsibility of the attendee(s).

Can I purchase the materials and the exam separately from the training?

APICS SCOR Professional Training is sold as a bundle. The training materials and the SCOR-P exam cannot be purchased separately.

How do I register for an upcoming event?

Contact Gail at gailr or via phone  +1-617-686-6286

What forms of payment are accepted for APICS SCOR Professional Training?

Payment can be made via check or wire transfer.  The course cost will be invoiced directly at the time of reservation.  Unfortunately, we do not offer credit card payment at this time. 

Does APICS provide proof-of-purchase receipts?

Yes. Registrants receive a confirmation of their reservation transaction via email. Receipts may also be provided once payment has been received.

Whom do I contact with a question, comment or concern?

Contact gailr

What is APICS Policy regarding APICS SCOR Professional event cancellations or reschedules?

We strive to provide the highest level of service. Unforeseen circumstances may necessitate the rescheduling or cancellation of an APICS SCOR Professional Training event. In the unlikely event of a program cancellation or reschedule, we will notify its customers immediately via e-mail explaining our intentions regarding the event.  No event will be cancelled within 2 weeks prior to the event.

Can I cancel my registration?

Requests for cancellation of registration must be made no later than 14 days prior to the event. We will apply a 15% processing fee to all refund requests. Refunds will not be given for failure to attend, late arrival or early departures. Contact gailr if you need to cancel your registration.

Can I transfer my APICS SCOR Professional registration to another person?

Registrants may transfer registration to another name up to 5 days before the event. Contact gailr if you need to transfer your registration.

Can I earn professional development points toward my APICS certification maintenance by participating in an APICS SCOR Professional Training event?

Yes. All APICS SCOR Professional Training event attendees are eligible for twenty-four (24) professional development points toward their CPIM/CPIM-F/CSCP designation.

How can I receive certification maintenance credit for attendance?

On the last day of the APICS SCOR Professional Training event, attendees receive a letter indicating they have completed the training. This letter serves as documentation.

Who is CHAINovation?

Chainovation is an authorized –SCOR Partner (ASP) authorized directly by APICS to collaborate and provide education and training classes, materials and membership offers to the wider supply chain community.


CSCP - Certified Supply Chain Professional Course Offerings

This instructor-led course offers 42 hours of classroom time, enhanced CSCP courseware, 50 extra exercises and up to 2,400 additional CSCP in-class practice questions to help you better understand the material. This course focuses on key concepts, definitions, relationships and various CSCP calculations, and it provides numerous examples on how companies apply these concepts. Finally, you are provided a free copy of the APICS CSCP Instructor Visual booklet. You are also offered extra assistance to help you prepare to take the exam, and students are permitted to retake the course at no charge for any reason.

This Saturday course is held at the Holiday Inn Express, Route 17, Paramus, New Jersey. Classes begin at 8:00am and end at 3:30pm.

Choose from the following CSCP course dates:

2018 Course:  Fall

Location: Paramus, NJ

Day of Week: Saturday

Class Dates:

Sept. 22; Oct. 6, 20; Nov. 3, 17; & Dec. 8

2019 Course:  Winter

Location: Paramus, NJ

Day of Week: Saturday

Class Dates:

Jan. 20; Feb. 2, 16; March 2, 16 & 30

Online Registration Link: Register

Please contact Howard Forman at how_for, or call 973.838.5946, or contact the Tappan Zee Chapter's VP of Education if you have any questions regarding earning your APICS CSCP, CLTD or CPIM certification, to learn more about when and where the courses will be held, or to schedule an in-house CSCP, CLTD or CPIM course.


CLTD - Certified in Logistics, Transportation and Distribution Course

October 20, 27, November 3, 17, December 1, 8, 2018 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

County College of Morris (CCM)

214 Center Grove Road

Randolph, NJ 07869

The Certified in Logistics, Transportation and Distribution (CLTD) certification covers a comprehensive body of knowledge that sets the global standard for best practices in logistics, transportation and distribution.

The CLTD designation will help you:

  • Master the essential knowledge needed for the logistics, transportation and distribution industry
  • Expand your outlook on the logistics field and enable you to bring new ideas to your organization
  • Remain current with global logistics trends and developments
  • Boost your confidence with recognition as a logistics expert
  • Provide you with the tools you need to help reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction


  • $2,390.00 Member of Greater North Jersey Chapter
  • $2,490.00 after 11:00 pm October 13

  • $2,390.00 Member of another APICS Chapter
  • $2,490.00 after 11:00 pm October 13

  • $2,690.00 Non-Member Guest
  • $2,790.00 after 11:00 pm October 13

Online Registration Link: Register


CPIM - Certified in Production and Inventory Management Course - Part 2

October 27, November 3, 17, December 1, 8, 15 2018 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

FDU Fairleigh Dickinson University - Florham Campus

285 Madison Avenue

Madison, NJ 07940

CPIM Part 2 -- Comprehensive supply chain training for internal operations.

Module 1: Strategic Management of Resources (SMR) Section A: Developing a Business Strategy Section B: Gathering and Analyzing Internal/External Information Section C: Where Will We Compete? Section D: How Will We Compete?

Module 2: Master Planning of Resources (MPR) Section A: Demand Management Section B: Sales and Operations Planning Section C: Master Scheduling Section D: Distribution Planning Section E: Sustainability and Strategy Section F: Business Planning Section G: Aligning the Operations Strategy Section H: Infrastructure

Module 3: Detailed Scheduling and Planning (DSP) Section A: Inventory Management Section B: Materials Requirement Planning Section C: Managing Projects Section D: Detailed Capacity Planning Section E: Planning Procurement and External Sources of Supply

Module 4: Execution and Control of Operations ( ECO) Section A: Execution of Operations Section B: Scheduling and Authorization Section C: Quality, Communication and Continuous

The New CPIM Learning System

Developed by APICS and a team of subject matter experts, the new CPIM 6.0 Learning System combines reading materials available in print and electronic formats. This program delivers the same body of knowledge and integrity that has kept CPIM at the forefront of supply chain education, but condenses the time it takes to prepare for the exams with CPIM-focused content, online learning tools, and practice questions.

Choose Expert Leadership and Guidance

Ensure you're prepared by attending our upcoming CPIM classes. As a top-tier APICS partner, we combine our expert instruction with the new CPIM exam structure and the CPIM Learning System, so you’ll learn faster, retain more knowledge, and be better prepared for successful completion of your CPIM certification!


A CPIM education is essential for professionals involved in:

  • Production and inventory management
  • Operations
  • Supply chain management
  • Procurement
  • Materials management
  • Purchasing


  • $1,495.00 Member of APICS Greater North Jersey Chapter
  • $1,595.00 after 1:00 pm October 20

  • $1,495.00 Member of another APICS Chapter
  • $1,595.00 after 1:00 pm October 20

  • $1,695.00 Non APICS-Member/Guest
  • $1,795.00 after 1:00 pm October 20

Online Registration Link: Register


CSCP - Certified Supply Chain Professional Course

January 05, 2019 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

FDU Fairleigh Dickinson University - Florham Campus

285 Madison Avenue

Madison, NJ 07940

The CSCP course will help you master the necessary tools to effectively manage global supply chain activities, including suppliers, plans, distributors, and customers around the globe.

You will acquire the skills you need to create consistency and foster collaboration through best practices, common terminology, and corporate communication.

You will also understand how to use enterprise resources planning (ERP) systems and other technologies to improve the entire supply chain process maximize your organization's ERP investments by millions of dollars, increase your professional value and secure your future.

Module 1 - Fundamentals of Supply Chain Management 

Broad Concepts of supply chain management, including primary processes objectives, integration methods and benefits Alignment of supply chain and business strategies Key considerations for supply chain design and continuous improvement Key measures for planning and controlling inventories Fundamentals of logistics in supply chain management Identifying and managing market segments Demand forecasting and management techniques Keys to effective CRM Core concepts of supply management.

Module 2 - Supply Chain Strategy, Design, and Compliance

Sustainability practices in design and operation of a supply chain. Risk, its sources, impacts, and mitigation methods Globally dispersed supply and demand, and the impact of free trade zones and trading blocs Globalization effects on inbound and outbound logistics Measurement of, and efficiency and responsiveness in the supply chain Technologies for design, data, operations and communications in supply chain management Factors influencing demand, including design, marketing, selling, and matching customer orders Core concepts of CRM, including strategies, technologies, and key implementation challenges Fundamentals of supplier relationship management(SRM), including strategies, improved management of sources, relevant technologies and measurement Inventory planning and control methods.

Module 3 - Implementation and Operations

Supply chain dynamics and the balance of responsiveness and efficiency Managing supply from internal and external sources Implementation of demand plans, including prioritization and fulfillment, and capturing and communicating point -of-sale data Tools.


  • $2,390.00 Member of Greater North Jersey Chapter
  • $2,490.00 after 07:00 am December 29

  • $2,390.00 Member of other APICS Chapter
  • $2,490.00 after 07:00 am December 29

  • $2,690.00 APICS Non-Member Guest
  • $2,790.00 after 07:00 am December 29

Online Registration Link: Register


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