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APICS offers the following certification programs:

  • Certified in Production and Inventory Management (CPIM)
  • Certified Fellow in Production and Inventory Management (CFPIM)
  • Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP)
  • Certified in Logistics, Transportation, and Distribution (CLTD)
  • SCOR Professional Endorsement (SCOR-P)

APICS Video Testimonial

Celeste Ayers, CFPIM, CSCP, APICS Gold Rush Chapter President, Division Sourcing and Procurement Manager at Parker Hannifin, discusses her certification experience.

Which APICS Certification is Right for You?

Certified in Production and Inventory Management (CPIM)

The APICS Certified in Production and Inventory Management (CPIM) program is recognized globally as the standard of professional competence in production and inventory control. Since 1973, over 100,000 professionals have earned the APICS CPIM designation.

The APICS CPIM is designed for production and inventory control professionals across all industries, especially:

  • Supply Chain Managers
  • Buyers and Planners
  • Materials Managers
  • Production Planners
  • Consultants

APICS has flexible study and testing options to fit your schedule and learning preferences. Choose from online, classroom, instructor-led and independent learning options. For students, APICS certification exams also help earn college credit.

Are you ready to distinguish yourself in operations management? An APICS designation shows employers a commitment to your profession and enhances your earning potential. To review eligibility requirements, register for an exam or learn more about the APICS CPIM program, visit the APICS CPIM webpage.

Certified Fellow in Production and Inventory Management (CFPIM)

Once you earn your APICS CPIM designation, you are eligible to take your professional credentials to the next level with the APICS Certified Fellow in Production and Inventory Management (CFPIM) program. The APICS CFPIM designation is awarded to an elite group of professionals who share their knowledge with others through presenting, publishing, teaching, and participating in other professional development activities.

APICS CFPIM Activities:

Earn points for any talk given either before an APICS or non-APICS audience, including the APICS International Conference & Expo presentations, APICS national or regional conference talks, non-APICS conferences, dinner meetings, or workshop presentations.

Published Work
Eligible works include any article in APICS magazine, the Production and Inventory Management (P&IM) Journal, Journal of Operations Management, or an article in a non-APICS magazine or journal on the subject of the APICS CPIM body of knowledge.

Classroom Instruction
Claim one point for each hour of classroom instruction made to an APICS audience or non-APICS audience as long as the content relates to the APICS body of knowledge.

Additional Activities
Earn points for officially sanctioned APICS CPIM workshops or for contributing to the expansion of the CPIM program. For example, participate in the APICS courseware review.

To learn more about the APICS CFPIM program, visit the APICS CFPIM webpage.

Why You Need the APICS CPIM to Master the Fundamentals in Business

Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP)

The APICS Certified Supply Chain Professional designation program is designed to make you a master of the end-to-end supply chain. You will learn core concepts in supply chain management, strategy, design, compliance, implementation and operations. The CSCP program will teach you how to apply what you’ve learned about streamlining processes and improving efficiency to your organization. A CSCP designation demonstrates your expertise.

The APICS CSCP program sets the standard for supply chain management certification. Our designees are the top in their professions and are dedicated to improving their fields and advancing their careers. CSCP designees have the skills and knowledge it takes to get noticed by their employers and outside recruiters. APICS certification exams also help earn college credit.

So how does one get certified? It’s simple. Start by studying for the exam with the APICS CSCP Learning System. You can self-study or attend a certification review course. APICS members save up to 25% on courseware and testing. Next, apply for exam eligibility, then take and pass the exam. Once you’ve earned the designation, get ready for new career opportunities.

If you’re ready to take your knowledge and career to the next level, you’re ready to get started. Submit an eligibility application today. To learn more about the APICS CSCP program, visit the APICS CSCP webpage.

Why Every Supply Chain Professional Needs the APICS CSCP

Certified in Logistics, Transportation, and Distribution (CLTD)

The APICS Certified in Logistics, Transportation and Distribution (CLTD) certification provides you with the information you need to meet today’s supply chain logistics challenges.

Created by APICS and a team of subject matter experts, the CLTD designation covers a comprehensive body of knowledge that sets the global standard for best practices in logistics, transportation and distribution.

The APICS CLTD is designed for logistics professionals across all industries, especially:

  • Logistics Managers/Engineers
  • Supply Chain Logistics Managers
  • Traffic Managers
  • Transportation/Fleet Managers
  • Warehouse Operations/Distribution Managers
  • Reverse Logistics Managers

No matter where you are in your career, earning the CLTD credential will demonstrate your mastery of a broad range of logistic, transportation and distribution topics.

As an APICS designee you will stand out from your peers, demonstrate a commitment to advancing both your career and your company’s operations and be able to apply your new skills and knowledge to make you more valuable to your organization.

Earning the CLTD credential will help you:

  • Master the essential knowledge needed for the logistics, transportation and distribution industry
  • Bring new ideas to your organization
  • Remain current with global logistics trends and developments
  • Boost your confidence with recognition as a logistics expert
  • Reduce costs and impact your organization’s bottom line

To learn more about the APICS CLTD program, visit the APICS CLTD webpage.

Why Every Logistics Professional Needs the APICS CLTD

SCOR Professional Endorsement (SCOR-P)

The APICS SCOR Professional (SCOR-P) program enables you to learn techniques for managing and measuring the performance of a global supply chain utilizing the Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR) model.

The APICS SCOR-P program:

  • Establishes in-depth knowledge of the SCOR model and methods
  • Provides real-world techniques for tackling strategic supply chain issues
  • Provides a practical method for evaluating the effectiveness of each course

SCOR-P endorsement is a credential awarded through delivery of a proctored exam and demonstrates a commitment to your career and an investment in yourself. By building on your SCOR knowledge, you will dramatically increase your rate of supply chain improvement and performance.

SCOR-P endorsement builds on the SCOR Framework by providing participants with the tools to:

  • Standardize performance metrics
  • Build processes to describe what, where and how activities are performed
  • Create best practices for processes impacting supply chain performance
  • Manage critical supply chain resources for developing and retaining employees

APICS SCOR-P education is essential if you are involved in:

    • Production management
    • Operations
    • Supply chain management
    • Procurement
    • Materials management
    • Inventory management

    An APICS SCOR-P endorsement will help you:

    • Establish benchmarks for evaluating supply chain effectiveness
    • Provide real-world techniques for measuring and managing a global supply chain
    • Provide a practical method for assessing the skills and competencies of your current supply chain team members and recruits
    • Dramatically increase supply chain improvement and performance

    To learn more about the APICS SCOR-P program, visit the APICS SCOR-P webpage.

    SCOR: What is It, and What Will It Do for Me?


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